Nimes 2006

9th Nimes European Archery Tournament - January 2006

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2007 Nimes European Archery Tournament


In the name of the team of organization of the Tournament, I want to thank all the archers and the Net surfers who took part physically or virtually in this event.

We, like you, are a group of passionates of archery and we try each year to organize an event which is a festival of the archery for all, from the simple passionate to great champions.

Together, we made this 2006 edition an enormous festival of archery. We showed the vitality and the force of our sport. I am conscious of the imperfections and the improvements to be brought. I thank you for all the positive criticisms carried by your messages.

For "NIMES 2007" (January 26th, 27th and 28th 2007) we will have at our disposal the "Palais des Sports" and the "Parc des Expositions". These structures are well fitted for such an event and will allow us to solve some imperfections :

We are already working on the 2007 schedule, our goal is to offer you a smoother course of events. Thus we will be able to offer more time for training and allow everyone, archer and spectator to fully enjoy the tournament. We also want to improve information and posting for everyone.

Finally I want to thanks all our sponsor, more specifically the archery companies on our side from the beginning of this adventure. Without their support nothing would be possible.

2007 will be the 10th anniversary of the tournament, I promise you some surprise worthy of your passion and your fidelity.


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